Nokia Lumia Amber in arrivo per il Lumia 920

Lumia Amber è il nome del corposo aggiornamento per il Lumia 920 che è stato svelato nella giornata di ieri. Mancava solo la data, ma la diffusione di nuovi video hands-on lo ritraggono insieme a questo aggiornamento e tirando le somme non dovrebbe tardare.


Ecco che siamo venuti a conoscenza del changelog denominato Lumia Amber. La release è la v3047.0000.1328.xxxx.


  • Glance Screen Clock Charging indicator / low battery Indicator for silent / vibra mode, night mode (change color for night time). OFF by default.
  • Smart camera capture the best moment. Accidental remove unwanted objects from the scene. Select the best shot and precise moment. Sequense take a group of images with advanced face, smile and blink detection. The, best ‘face for each person is automatically selected into a single, best’ shot.
  • FM Radio Be ready to tune your favorite station – FM Radio is BACK! Store your favorite stations for the next time.
  • HERE branding Location & CommerceFlip to silence Flip the phone to turn it silence.
    • Here Maps v3.4 Your compass is a discovery What’s New: Increased venue map coverage Favorites saved in HERE Maps now sync across all HERE experiences Personalized Live Tile options: Pin and Pin destination to start a place to start as favorite Pin Pin to start a place category to start
    • Here Drive + v2.2 The open road made ​​easy What’s New: Sync favorite places with other apps HERE and Customize your map to display relevant points of interest, dry as restaurants, gas stations, and more one-tap access to speed limit Alert options right from the dashboard Personalized Live Tile options: Pin to Start a destination (one tap gives driving directions to That destination)
    • Here Transit v3.5 Now arriving: the best way across town What’s New: Access your favorites through your searches Display nearby stations directly on a map opens Transit Maps to display more route options Transit Maps opens to display the battles navigation options Personalized Live Tile: Pin a destination like Home, Work, or School to start (one tap shows public transit routes and times to get there from wherever you are)
  • Flip to silence Flip the phone to turn it silence.
  • Date of sense Managing your data flow monitor and control data usage Optimally compressing web traffic.
  • Find your closest hotspot Enriched web services (for operators).

Software Amber is the addition of Nokia, which is referenced GDR2 software from Microsoft.Below is a list of amendments in GDR2.

  • Xbox Music facilitated selection, procurement and pinning music. Also for fans of music are provided to display more detailed metadata (eg information about the songs and albums), and made ​​other improvements.
  • FM Radio You can listen to FM radio directly in the heart of Music + Video. (This is not available in some phones).
  • Data Sense Sense With the service date have complete control over the amount of data sent over the phone. You can impose a limit corresponding to your subscription or simply keep track of which applications send much data. (Not all mobile operators offer the service offering Sense).
  • Application Skype applications to support VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), for example, Lync and Skype now gained greater stability and efficiency of operations.
  • Internet Explorer browsing Comfort will improve significantly through greater compliance with HTML 5
  • Other improvements includes many other improvements of Windows Phone.
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