[CES 2019] Cooler Master Announces New Case Lineup


Cooler Master, a global leader in PC components and gaming peripherals, today announced its upcoming arsenal of PC cases to be launched in the first half of 2019. Cooler Master plans to release a number of mini tower cases, refresh and remaster the previous N Series as well as offer three cases in partnership with motherboard manufactures, ASUS and ASRock.

MasterBox Q500L and Q500P

The MasterBox Q500L applies all of the versatile features of the Q series, but with the capability of supporting a standard ATX motherboard. With the same exterior dimensions as the MasterBox Q300L, support for a standard ATX motherboard in the Q500L was made possible by positioning the PSU in the front of the chassis instead of the base. The movable I/O panel and support for vertical or horizontal orientations, seen across the entire Q series, are also featured on the MasterBox Q500L. With the exterior fully perforated, and covered by a magnetic dust filter, the Q500L offers plenty of airflow for various cooling configurations.
The MasterBox Q500P will be released as a more premium aesthetic version in the Q500 series. Similar to the Q500L, the Q500P will maintain the external dimensions of the Q series, but with the capability of supporting a standard ATX motherboard. Additional proposed features include a tempered glass side panel and an upgraded I/O panel.

MasterBox NR400 and NR600

The MasterBox NR400 and NR600 apply optimal cooling to a minimalistic, subtle design. Each case will support a different form factor; the MasterBox NR400 will support mATX motherboards, while the MasterBox NR600 will support standard ATX motherboards. The use of mesh on the front panel contrasts the iconic smooth stripe of the previous N Series, demonstrating a blend of elegance and airflow. With thermal potential at the forefront of features, the front panel and top panel offer generous ventilation. The MasterBox NR400 and NR600 features a tempered glass side panel, fastened by thumbscrews on the rear panel, to keep the surface flush and unobstructed.

ASUS TUF Gaming Alliance:

MasterBox Q300L TUF Edition
The MasterBox Q300L joins the TUF Gaming Alliance, sporting the TUF marks on both magnetic dust filters and side panels. With support for a standard ATX PSU, mATX motherboards and horizontal or vertical positioning of the cases, the MasterBox Q300L brings all of its advantages to the TUF Gaming Alliance.
A fully perforated chassis offers a high potential for thermal performance and also supports a wide range of optional fan configurations. For aesthetic harmony, the MasterBox Q300L TUF allows users to assemble their system with a full lineup of TUF components.

ASRock Phantom Gaming:

MasterCase H500P Mesh Phantom Gaming Edition & MasterBox K500 Phantom Gaming Edition
The MasterCase H500P Mesh and the MasterBox K500 join the ASRock Phantom Gaming line to ensure unrestricted airflow and a unified design for Phantom Gaming components. Both the H500P Mesh and the K500 will sport the signature aesthetics of the Phantom Gaming series shared throughout the entire product line of ASRock graphics cards and motherboards. Users can properly show off their unified gear with the specialized design of the MasterCase H500P Mesh Phantom Gaming Edition and the MasterBox K500 Phantom Gaming Edition.

North America Pricing & Availability

MasterBox Q500L: $49.99 Q2
MasterBox Q500P: N/A
MasterBox NR400: $59.99 Q1
MasterBox NR600: $59.99-64.99 Q1
MasterBox Q300L TUF Edition: $44.99, February 2019
MasterBox K500 Phantom Gaming Edition: $84.99, February 2019
MasterCase H500P Mesh Phantom Gaming Edition: $169.99, February 2019

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